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And I’m not talking about the town or the ski resort.

That’s right, friends—for the last few months, I’ve been M.I.A. all because of a man. And, instead of my usual feelings of crippling commitment-phobia, I’m actually reveling in each and every moment (hence the lack of posts of late).

From here on out, I promise to devote a little more time to my Mavenly duties. Until then, here are two feel-good tidbits that you might enjoy:

  1. The new man and I have the exact name—yes, seriously. If you’ve been a Boulder Maven reader for any length of time, you inevitably know my feelings about this particular thing (and no, it’s not the same guy). Looks like the universe was conspiring accordingly and the joke is officially on me. . .
  2. As luck would have it, my wallet went missing on our very first date. After taking the usual precautions to cancel my credit cards, etc., two days later, I received a call at my office from a stranger who had found my wallet in the middle of Pearl Street with all of the contents in tact! Not only did he find my wallet, he drove to the address on my driver’s license (which was inevitably an old address) to try and return it to me. When he didn’t find me there, he found some information relating to my employer in my wallet and tracked me down at work. After all that, he personally delivered the wallet to me and refused to accept any money, lunch, coffee, or even treats for his dog in return. Just another example of why I absolutely love Boulder.

Here’s to pleasant surprises and never saying never. . .over and out for now.


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