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I hate to be a hater, but who doesn’t recycle these days–especially in Boulder? I just visited Petsmart* and was told that they couldn’t recycle my receipt, because they don’t recycle paper (or anything else for that matter)!! Isn’t that illegal in this town?

Okay people, here’s an opportunity for you to take a stand in true Maven fashion. . .

Here’s their e-mail address: Petsmart Communications

And here’s an e-mail for you to send if you’re so inclined:

Dearest Petsmart,

I recently learned that your store in Boulder doesn’t recycle paper (or any other materials). What’s the reasoning behind such a decision? I can only imagine that your store disposes of thousands of cardboard boxes and a plethora of other recyclable items every week–is a landfill really the best place for these materials?

While business practices of this nature may be more cost efficient in the short term, in Boulder where there’s a high level of community-wide environmental awareness and plenty of competition in your industry, it seems like the long-term impact of such decisions will inevitably be negative.

Just a little feedback from a customer who’s willing to take the time.

All my best,

(I think you can take it from here, peeps!)

Now, what other businesses are slinking below the socially responsible radar?

*Before you call me a traitor: Petsmart carries a type of bone that Olive loves, but isn’t carried at my beloved PC’s Pantry!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m fostering a lab puppy this weekend. (More on that later, as I’m feeling rather exhausted/overwhelmed and it’s only the first full day!) This poor little dog has been walking around for weeks with one of those kennel/slip leads, which is all one piece and continually tightens around the neck–totally inadequate! Regardless of my decision about “To dog or not to dog,” I committed to at least buy the poor thing a leash and collar.

Upon arriving at PC’s Pantry last night, they proceeded to discourage me from purchasing a collar and instead insisted that I take one of their donated collars for free…talk about paying it forward! It seems that lots of folks donate old collars when their dogs outgrow them, so they have quite a few on hand. Needless to say, they could have easily taken me for a $20 collar, as I fully intended to purchase one. Instead, I made it up to them by purchasing a really nice leash and a large stash of their homemade dog treats, which have always been a big hit with the other dogs who frequent my home. Need more proof? They’ve also been voted “Best Pet Store” and “Best Locally Owned Store” by the Daily Camera.

I’ll admit that I’m biased, as PC’s is my neighborhood pet store (and I purchase all of our pet supplies from them), but Mary Lee and her staff always make me feel like the cat’s meow.

The front counter & bakery case at PCs Pantry

The front counter & bakery case at PC's Pantry

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