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The Boulder Outdoor Cinema is back for it’s 14th year in action and, as usual, they have some pretty good flicks on the schedule. Located just behind BMoCA at 1750 13th Street, you can catch them every Saturday at 9pm between now and August 29th.

Want to host your own Outdoor Cinema party? Click here to get in the know.


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During a recent visit to the Kitchen Upstairs, one of my girlfriends passed a guy my way (or fobbed the guy off on me, depending on your perspective), stating that we seemed to have several things in common. “Things” in common turned out to be the understatement of the year, as he and I actually have the exact_same_name . . . yes, seriously. (I won’t be mentioning “our” actual name, as this blog is written under my Boulder Maven pen name, but I’m sure you get the picture.) While he was smokin’ hot and we do actually have quite a bit in common, I’m frankly unwilling to even consider considering the idea of dating someone with the same name. Isn’t dating awkward enough already?

What’s your reaction? Can love cross all boundaries or are there some times when boundaries should actually be created?

Update 07/26: This is apparently more common than I expected–check out this article recently sent by a friend!

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While the steady rain of late has resulted in low fire danger and a beautifully green landscape, it has also brought an unusual influx of mosquitoes. We’re talking swarms of mosquitoes, people, which are no laughing matter for those of us stereotypical Boulderites who partake in endless amounts of outdoor activities. (Since several cases of the West Nile Virus have already been reported, this is no joke for the rest of you either.) After being bombarded by the pesky pests on a recent trail run, I finally broke down and bought some toxic bug spray–the first time ever in almost 8 years of living here!

Luckily, Mary just introduced me to the Herbal Insect Repellent by Burt’s Bees. The formula is 100% natural and safe for kids, pets, and activity-obsessed adults alike. Find it at a plethora of stores around town and tell those bugs to buzz off for good. Now, if only this formula could repel certain men . . .

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Yes, I meant to say “Sole” as in the Two Sole Sisters store in downtown Boulder. This hip little boutique offers beautiful shoes and handbags that are reminiscent of New York fashion, but still appropriate for our little Boulder scene.

Prices are fairly reasonable, their cashmere socks are downright delectable, and they’re right down the road at 1703 Pearl Street.

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You may have already heard that two chefs from Boulder will appear on Top Chef, Season 5!

Top Chef, one of Bravo TV’s most popular shows, is a cooking competition between professional chefs from all over the country who are vying for the title of “Top Chef” (oh, and $100,000).

One of the Boulder chefs is Melissa from Centro Latin Kitchen—a wonderful restaurant at 10th & Pearl. The other Boulder chef is Hosea from Jax Fish House—also great and just down the block at 928 Pearl.

Both spots are owned by the Big Red F restaurant group, which doesn’t exactly seem kosher, but what really is these days?

I wish I could recommend visiting the Top Chef Season 5 website—unfortunately it’s filled with ads that mandatorily play before and after every video clip…no fun.

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m fostering a lab puppy this weekend. (More on that later, as I’m feeling rather exhausted/overwhelmed and it’s only the first full day!) This poor little dog has been walking around for weeks with one of those kennel/slip leads, which is all one piece and continually tightens around the neck–totally inadequate! Regardless of my decision about “To dog or not to dog,” I committed to at least buy the poor thing a leash and collar.

Upon arriving at PC’s Pantry last night, they proceeded to discourage me from purchasing a collar and instead insisted that I take one of their donated collars for free…talk about paying it forward! It seems that lots of folks donate old collars when their dogs outgrow them, so they have quite a few on hand. Needless to say, they could have easily taken me for a $20 collar, as I fully intended to purchase one. Instead, I made it up to them by purchasing a really nice leash and a large stash of their homemade dog treats, which have always been a big hit with the other dogs who frequent my home. Need more proof? They’ve also been voted “Best Pet Store” and “Best Locally Owned Store” by the Daily Camera.

I’ll admit that I’m biased, as PC’s is my neighborhood pet store (and I purchase all of our pet supplies from them), but Mary Lee and her staff always make me feel like the cat’s meow.

The front counter & bakery case at PCs Pantry

The front counter & bakery case at PC's Pantry

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Some formidable steps toward walking the talk (that did not occur in Boulder):

This year, Seattle passed a 20-cent “green fee” on disposable shopping bags, both paper AND plastic, which is scheduled to begin January 1st. According to Seattle Public Utilities, the fee “will be charged at grocery, drug and convenience stores — the source of almost 75 percent of all bags. This will save 4,000 tons of greenhouse gas per year, that’s the same as taking 665 cars off the road.”

The city has also proposed a styrofoam ban, which will remove all expanded polystyrene foam (aka styrofoam) containers from the marketplace by January 1, 2009 and will require a complete conversion from those kinds of products to compostable and recyclable replacements by July 1, 2010.

You may be surprised to know that Portland, Oregon, was among the first to ban styrofoam food containers in 1990 (EIGHTEEN years ago!). Also surprisingly gratifying: McDonald’s sued the city when the ban was first introduced…and lost. Many people say Portland’s styrofoam ban encouraged the burger chain’s switch to cardboard (but, sometimes still plastic-coated) containers.

At this point, nearly 100 additional cities nationwide have banned the use of styrofoam containers and even China has banned free plastic bags…shouldn’t Boulder of all places be next at bat?

Bags, Bags, Bags

Bags, Bags, Bags

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