Love the Local

The Boulder County Farmers’ Market is in full swing and the getting is good! While the market has been open since April 4th, the full gamut of produce is finally available, which includes amazing cherries, peaches, and veggies galore. Combine the shopping and people watching with the yummy food court picks (Amaizing Corn Tamales and Pupusas are tied for my current favorites) and you have the perfect Saturday morning excursion.

Whether Saturday mornings from 8-2 or Wednesday evenings from 4-8, there’s no better time to get out there and love, love, love the local.


Three Decades Deep

Last weekend, I threw a party on the rooftop at Bácaro Venetian Taverna (at 921 Pearl Street) and I can’t say enough about the experience. It was an absolutely spectacular time and everything went off without even one hitch–thanks entirely to the staff at Bácaro.

Inese, their party-planner extraordinaire, helped me nail down all of the details, including all of the hors d’oeuvres and drinks for the event. (Their bruschetta, wood-fired pizzas, calamari, and grilled veggies were a huge hit!) And on party day, Corrado (the GM) helped ensure that everything stayed smooth.

Even when Mother Nature threw us a curve ball (by way of some brief thunderstorms), they gave us the entire rooftop (3/4 of which is covered) and called it a private party. Overall, the staff was amazingly well-organized and accommodating, the food was delicious, and the pricing was surprisingly reasonable.

Thanks to Bácaro (and 30 of my closest friends) for making this one of my best birthdays ever!

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The Spin Cycle

Bike to Work Day 2009 is tomorrow–June 24th!

Please, please, please get yourself out there and bike, walk, scoot, skate, or just plain drag yourself to wherever you need to be tomorrow (just don’t use your car for help). Need a little extra incentive? How about fueling up with FREE breakfast at one of 40 Boulder-area restaurants? There are breakfast stops in many of the surrounding communities as well, so all you Lafayette, Lousiville, Longmont, Superior, and Denver peeps can start dusting off your bikes too.

To learn more about the event and to register (for free), visit the DRCOG website.

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Holy Moly–it’s that time again! Our next book club pick is Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. We’ll be meeting at Katie’s new(!) house at noon on Sunday, July 12th.

Here’s a description from Booklist:

Today they would be called fashion models. But in early-twentieth-century China, sisters Pearl and May were known quaintly as “beautiful girls,” whose sophisticated cover-girl images set the standard for young Chinese women and exemplified the hopes of an ancient nation catapulted into anxious modernity as it balanced on the brink of war. Paradoxically, Pearl and May were also the products of a traditional upbringing in which their father controlled their destiny, selling them into marriage to Chinese men from America to settle gambling debts to a depraved Shanghai mobster. The tortuous route they take to first avoid, then accept, and finally embrace their abrupt fall from grace is rife with the most heinous tragedies—rape and murder, betrayal and abandonment, poverty and servitude. Through it all, one thing ensures their survival: the sisters are tenaciously devoted to each other, though time and events will strain this loyalty nearly to the point of destruction. Examining the chains of friendship within the confines of family, See’s kaleidoscopic saga transits from the barbaric horrors of Japanese occupation to the sobering indignities suffered by foreigners in 1930s Hollywood while offering a buoyant and lustrous paean to the bonds of sisterhood.

Mary says it’s a great read, so grab a copy at your favorite local bookstore and get those pages turning!

Hot to Trot

It’s summertime and the living is easy. . .easy on the eyes, that is. As some friends and I recently noted during happy hour, Boulder has had a sudden and much-needed influx of great-looking men. While temperatures have yet to soar for the season, the sights are definitely warming up!

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As many of you have probably heard by now, three guys from Boulder went missing in the Sichuan Province of China during a recent climbing expedition. Jonny Copp, Micah Dash, and Wade Johnson, who were shooting a new piece for Sender Films, were declared missing when they failed to catch their flight from China back to the States on June 3rd.

I’m sad to report that the body of Jonny Copp was found yesterday in a bed of avalanche debris on Mt. Edgar. Copp was both a world-renowned professional climber and a strong presence in the local Boulder community. Dash and Johnson are both still missing, but many are fearing that the slide may have taken all three of them. Sending condolences and thoughts to their families and friends. . .and still hoping for some positive news.

For the most up-to-date information and to donate to the search efforts, please see the blog at AdventureFilms.org.

UPDATE 6/8: According to Stewart Green’s Climbing Blog, Wade Johnson’s body was found this morning. Very sad news. . .

Here’s a shot of the south east face of Mt. Edgar, as seen from base camp.

Photo by Roland Zeidler

Photo by Roland Zeidler

The Estes Park Marathon (or the 10k race if you’re me) is Sunday, June 14th. The scenic course strides through part of downtown, then around Lake Estes for stunning sights of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Continental Divide. At 7,522 feet, this race is the perfect opportunity to try running at a higher altitude, while being soothed by amazing views (and the blasting music on my ipod, of course).

from epmarathon.org