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After years of searching for the best pedicure in town–talk about a mission, friends!–this summer’s award goes to Ten20, located at 2005 Pearl Street. Ten20 is a nail and waxing spa that features pedicures in big comfy chairs, ever-flowing M&Ms, and all the chick-centric ambiance you can stand.

Their TenToes treatment keeps my little piggies looking polished for weeks (despite my running/biking obsession) and, thanks to their great selection of girly goodies, I recently added one of these little gems to the mix:

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The Boulder Outdoor Cinema is back for it’s 14th year in action and, as usual, they have some pretty good flicks on the schedule. Located just behind BMoCA at 1750 13th Street, you can catch them every Saturday at 9pm between now and August 29th.

Want to host your own Outdoor Cinema party? Click here to get in the know.

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Boulder Indoor Cycling is now the home of a 142-meter velodrome—the first indoor cycling track in the state (an outdoor Olympic training track does exist in Colorado Springs) and one of only 23 in the entire country. This is especially exciting news for cycling enthusiasts, but the slope of the track, varying from 17 to 45 degrees, is accessible to recreational riders as well. Word on the street is that you have to maintain a speed of at least 16 MPH to even stay upright!

Sticking with spectator status for now. . .

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It turns out that I had so much fun at the BolderBoulder, I’m hoping to keep the momentum going through the summer. Enter the Summer/Fall Distance Program offered by BOLDRUNNING and head coach Ewen North. They offer full and half marathon options, with specific training schedules catered to your current fitness level and desired race time. When it comes to any sort of distance, I usually run a very slow 9:30-minute mile pace (although I ran a mile in 7:40 this morning!), so my current goal is a similarly slow half marathon in under two hours. Since I’ve run 13 miles exactly 0 times ever, this may indeed be a dream…

Life is short. . . running makes it seem longer.
Baron Hansen



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That’s right friends, today is the famous BolderBoulder—the 31st annual Memorial Day 10k race with over 50,000 participants! (Think 50,000 is huge? There are even BolderBoulder Overseas races today in Kuwait and Iraq!)

I’m proud to report that the Boulder Maven is running the BolderBoulder for the very first time, which will hopefully be the start of a fun annual trend and many more foot races to come.

I’ll be sporting the official Boulder Maven uniform (below)–hope to see you out there!


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Many of us have or are considering taking the plunge to a new HDTV. If being part of that group means discarding your old analog units, you may be interested to know about the Live Green Electronics Recycling Event this weekend. Sponsored by LG Electronics and 9News, the event accepts electronics and televisions (and a plethora of other items) for free recycling at five area locations on Saturday, March 7th from 7am-12noon. Recycling such items would typically run $12-25 per piece.

The closest location to Boulder is The Orchard Town Center in Broomfield/Westminster, but keeping lead, mercury, and beryllium from leeching into the environment is certainly worth the trip. (Update: Live Green was apparently totally overwhelmed by the community response and stopped taking recyclables before 10am on the day of the event. . .better luck next time.)

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Boulder, Colorado–come on down!

I’m so excited about being the first SmartGrid City, I can hardly stand it. After all these years of frivolous use and use and use, we finally have the chance to see exactly where all that energy actually goes when it leaves the plant and to reduce our current M.O. of oversupply and excess consumption. The SmartGrid works by monitoring the amount of power used by households/businesses and distributing energy according to where and when it’s needed.

The ability to route power according to specific area requirements allows us to use the energy available (i.e. using naturally occurring wind or solar supplies, as opposed to always having to manually generate energy),  reduces the need for more power plants, and combats the threat of costly power disruptions.

While it’s scheduled to be built out in June 09, the real deal won’t be in full effect until 2010. Time flies, so it will be here before you know it…

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