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The Boulder County Farmers’ Market is in full swing and the getting is good! While the market has been open since April 4th, the full gamut of produce is finally available, which includes amazing cherries, peaches, and veggies galore. Combine the shopping and people watching with the yummy food court picks (Amaizing Corn Tamales and Pupusas are tied for my current favorites) and you have the perfect Saturday morning excursion.

Whether Saturday mornings from 8-2 or Wednesday evenings from 4-8, there’s no better time to get out there and love, love, love the local.


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From November 29th through December 21st, Boulder-based Pangea Organics is having their annual holiday sale. During this time, you can visit two locations in Boulder (900 Pearl Street or 6880 Winchester Circle) to get their entire line for 50% off. The downtown location is even offering free mini-facials.

Go get ’em tiger!

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Last weekend was the Grand Opening of Ellie’s Eco Home Store in the Village Shopping Center (2525 Arapahoe). As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Ellie’s is owned by Eco Products and is one of the few places in town with a selection of organic sheets.

I would describe Ellie’s as an eco cross between Sears and Target. There is some overlap with health food stores (i.e. lotions, candles, cleaning supplies, etc.), but they also delve into more obscure eco products like office supplies, linens, clothing, dishes, baby products, home decor items, paint, building supplies, the list goes on . . .

Our crazy economy may set them off to a slow start, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. For more extensive details and pictures, see Waylon’s elephant journal article.

If you revel in all things eco, you may also enjoy browsing Sustain Lane (a recently discovered gem) and the Good Guide (recommended by my friend Matt).

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Yes, I meant to say “Sole” as in the Two Sole Sisters store in downtown Boulder. This hip little boutique offers beautiful shoes and handbags that are reminiscent of New York fashion, but still appropriate for our little Boulder scene.

Prices are fairly reasonable, their cashmere socks are downright delectable, and they’re right down the road at 1703 Pearl Street.

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Have you ever noticed what an amazing plethora of card stores we have in Boulder? I tend to send cards whenever possible, so I’m especially appreciative of our local selection!

There’s still no word like the written word, so get out there and express yourself:

Bliss — 1643 Pearl*
Cards are only the tip of the iceberg — add a little extra shopping time for purses, jewelry, baby gifts, housewares…

The Last Say — 943 Pearl*
Under new ownership and fabulous once again.

Blue Skies — 1110 Pearl
Great cards, lots of other accessories, etc.

Paper Doll — 1141 Pearl
This store’s seniority alone speaks volumes.

The Ritz — 959 Walnut*
Their entry-way card alcove packs a punch.

*If you happen to share my affection for sassy cards, make Bliss, The Last Say, and The Ritz your first stops.

Here are some samples from my favorite lines:

Uncooked Inc. Cards

Uncooked Inc. Cards

Selfish Kitty Cards

Inside greeting: And completely gloss over your shortcomings in a way that sickens me

Uncooked Inc.

Uncooked Inc.

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While I’ve never been a beer fan (wine & liquor need only apply), I have heard rumors of lacking homebrew supplies here in Boulder. The November closure of What’s Brewin’ HomeBrew Supplies (which closed doors after 15 years of business), left Boulder homebrewers especially high and dry. Who would have thought that a town with such a plethora of microbreweries would be short on homebrew supplies?

I’m pleased to report that I stumbled upon Hop To It! Homebrew in the Zarlengo Plaza at 2900 Valmont. It turns out that Hop To It! has been open since February (boy am I slow to the punch!), but I suppose late is still better than never…

This fermented liquid apparently tastes good...

This murky brown liquid apparently tastes good...

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Just when I thought I’d have to choose between buying organic sheets at Target or having them shipped to me (hard to say which is better), I found a few great options right here in town. It’s amazing what a little Google grease can do…

McKirnan Bed and Bath Company, located at 2460 Canyon, carries the Suite Sleep brand of organic hotel-style bedding. While they seem to offer only one type of sheet set, there are five colors for the picking.

Ellie’s Eco Home Store is another option for organic linens. In mid-October, they’re moving from 3460 Walnut St. to neighbor with Sunflower Market in the Village Shopping Center. They offer sheets from the Loop Organic brand at a price that is just a few dollars less than McKirnan’s.

The organic linens at both locations certainly cost more than their organic counterparts at Target (nobody said there were bargains involved). But, they do say that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping…and beauty sleep is beauty sleep. 😉

Youre getting sleepy...

No Pocket Watch Required...

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