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And I’m not talking about the town or the ski resort.

That’s right, friends—for the last few months, I’ve been M.I.A. all because of a man. And, instead of my usual feelings of crippling commitment-phobia, I’m actually reveling in each and every moment (hence the lack of posts of late).

From here on out, I promise to devote a little more time to my Mavenly duties. Until then, here are two feel-good tidbits that you might enjoy:

  1. The new man and I have the exact name—yes, seriously. If you’ve been a Boulder Maven reader for any length of time, you inevitably know my feelings about this particular thing (and no, it’s not the same guy). Looks like the universe was conspiring accordingly and the joke is officially on me. . .
  2. As luck would have it, my wallet went missing on our very first date. After taking the usual precautions to cancel my credit cards, etc., two days later, I received a call at my office from a stranger who had found my wallet in the middle of Pearl Street with all of the contents in tact! Not only did he find my wallet, he drove to the address on my driver’s license (which was inevitably an old address) to try and return it to me. When he didn’t find me there, he found some information relating to my employer in my wallet and tracked me down at work. After all that, he personally delivered the wallet to me and refused to accept any money, lunch, coffee, or even treats for his dog in return. Just another example of why I absolutely love Boulder.

Here’s to pleasant surprises and never saying never. . .over and out for now.


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During a recent visit to the Kitchen Upstairs, one of my girlfriends passed a guy my way (or fobbed the guy off on me, depending on your perspective), stating that we seemed to have several things in common. “Things” in common turned out to be the understatement of the year, as he and I actually have the exact_same_name . . . yes, seriously. (I won’t be mentioning “our” actual name, as this blog is written under my Boulder Maven pen name, but I’m sure you get the picture.) While he was smokin’ hot and we do actually have quite a bit in common, I’m frankly unwilling to even consider considering the idea of dating someone with the same name. Isn’t dating awkward enough already?

What’s your reaction? Can love cross all boundaries or are there some times when boundaries should actually be created?

Update 07/26: This is apparently more common than I expected–check out this article recently sent by a friend!

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While the steady rain of late has resulted in low fire danger and a beautifully green landscape, it has also brought an unusual influx of mosquitoes. We’re talking swarms of mosquitoes, people, which are no laughing matter for those of us stereotypical Boulderites who partake in endless amounts of outdoor activities. (Since several cases of the West Nile Virus have already been reported, this is no joke for the rest of you either.) After being bombarded by the pesky pests on a recent trail run, I finally broke down and bought some toxic bug spray–the first time ever in almost 8 years of living here!

Luckily, Mary just introduced me to the Herbal Insect Repellent by Burt’s Bees. The formula is 100% natural and safe for kids, pets, and activity-obsessed adults alike. Find it at a plethora of stores around town and tell those bugs to buzz off for good. Now, if only this formula could repel certain men . . .

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It’s summertime and the living is easy. . .easy on the eyes, that is. As some friends and I recently noted during happy hour, Boulder has had a sudden and much-needed influx of great-looking men. While temperatures have yet to soar for the season, the sights are definitely warming up!

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Just Say No
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The Final Volume: XOXOXO. . .EX-O

Who would have thought that the complimentary additional month of match.com would turn into a dating tournament? For a few of the weeks, it started to feel like dating was my second job—let’s face it, continually socializing with strangers (horny, gen-x males in particular) can be downright perplexing at times. Can this possibly be an accurate sampling of the available fish in the sea? I’ve been trying to avoid carrying any expectation-filled baggage, but is intelligence, sincerity, and humility too much to ask? Perhaps having many close friends who are guys, like Matt (my future Man of Honor), has set the bar unbearably high. . .

Match.com turned out to be an interesting experience that illuminated both my growing ability to appreciate people for who they are and my very low tolerance for being pigeonholed. Although it was great fodder for the blog and my friends enjoyed some hilarious stories, I’ve concluded that it’s okay not to look too.

I actually think it would be an interesting social experiment to tour the fleet of online dating sites. What types of people are drawn to different sites? How do they judge compatibility? Do you see the same people from site to site? Not sure if I can stomach the thought at this point, but you’ll certainly be the first to know if I ever do!

Over and out. . .

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I’ve been seeing this website all over lately, so I’m passing it onto you. Get over to The Hero Factory and create your new alter ego!

It should be known that Super Maven’s real grocery bag would most certainly be reusable…


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Volume 4: Just When You Thought It Was Over…

You read right, my friends. Just when I thought my match.com days were gone for good, they offered me 30 more days for free. Another month of online dating masochism for the sake of reader enjoyment? Yep, I’m officially taking one for the team…Anne, on the other hand, has thrown in the towel—lucky girl.

My 30 extra days just started, so the outstanding results are still to come. For now, I’ll fill you in on the amazingly awkward activities of late:

Hockey555 sent me two messages in the matter of a week. Both messages were exactly the same, with the exception of the following line: “What can I say, I love a girl who loves football!” and “What can I say, I love a girl who loves beer!” Considering that I don’t love football or beer (and that neither of these two items are mentioned anywhere on my profile), I’d like to give a shout out to Hockey555–what can I say, I love a guy who loves to read!

My most horrifying experience by far was an e-mail from Vintage Night. As if his brazenly misspelled e-mail and profile weren’t enough, he added a completely incomprehensible component to the mix. Ready? Brace yourselves—here it comes—he’s one of my coworkers! That’s right, folks. Not only is he one of my coworkers, his e-mail, pasted below for your reference, completely fails to acknowledge that we work together!

Good Morning, I don’t realy know how to go about this as it have been over a year sence I have cunsiterd dateing. I would lik to talk to you and get to know on a more personal level. A little about me, I work for a  publish in Louisville…

Thanks for clarifying where you work, because seeing each other and conversing on a daily basis wasn’t enough confirmation. Is it possible that he didn’t realize it was me? Bottom line, Anne and I decided I should not reply for fear of perpetuating an already mortifying and awkward situation. What other choice did I have?

In case you were wondering about the self-described “dynamic, outgoing, charming, engaging, and friendly individual” who I mentioned in my previous post, he was certainly all of those things and more. After repeatedly kicking my butt in Scrabble, however, the one pesky word he always had trouble with was “childless.” Guess the “Want Kids: Probably Not” statement needs to be more prominently displayed on my profile this time around.

Here’s to 30 more days of delight!

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