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That’s right folks, I’m finally back. . .and more loving than ever. The last two months have been jam packed with the usual busyness—ski trips, work overload, running, socializing, dating, and a major exploration into my capacity for loving.

Until seven weeks ago, the Boulder Maven specialized in conditional love, but I’m proud to report that I have officially broken the mold. And the reason for this life-changing shift? I am now the lucky owner of my very own three-year-old Collie mix, Olive, the most beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, and loyal canine companion a girl could ever want. (They say that bias is one of the side effects of all this gooey love stuff.)

Olive came from the Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue, an absolutely amazing organization that has a special knack for pairing dogs and people—even neurotic, commitment-phobic freaks like me. And while the responsibilities of dog ownership have certainly thrown me for a loop more times than I can count, my heart continues to thaw a little more each day.

Glance below for a picture of my sweet Olive-pie and click here (or here or here) to see how far I’ve come since my previous attempt at dog adoption.

Coming soon: details about our next book club meeting and long overdue updates on my latest restaurant finds, recent dating adventures, and general musings!



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In my endless search for dogs and continual failure to commit, I’ve been fortunate enough to run across the dog adoption and training program run by Colorado Correction Industries. Through this program, Colorado inmates rescue dogs from shelters in our state (and surrounding states) and train/prepare them for adoption into households of all kinds. The program is not only a saving grace for dogs in need of a last chance, it provides participating inmates with valuable training skills, unconditional love and bonds where you’d least expect them, and the opportunity to actually earn a salary based upon their performance. Talk about rehabilitation.

At this point, I’m still at the look, but don’t touch phase.

Check them out and prepare to have your heart melted my friends…

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As I’ve mentioned, I’m fostering a Lab puppy for the weekend–I was even toying with the idea of adopting him.

Who am I kidding?

While he’s a wonderful and well-behaved little dog, he requires constant attention…literally! As if the continual watching for misbehavior and middle of the night bathroom runs aren’t enough, this dog simply refuses to be left alone. I left him in the crate for two hours yesterday and returned home to the following note from my neighbor (quoted verbatim, including grammatical errors):


[If you] own the dog that shares the upstairs wall with 104, it’s freakin’ out! This is the second time its been at it. [Insert frown face here.]

Can we help?

When I spoke to my very understanding neighbor about it in person, he said it sounded like a dog was being beaten in my house…not exactly the reputation I’m going for! Needless to say, I was mortified and even more discouraged upon learning that Otis (the screaming puppy whose cool name is courtesy of moi) has these episodes every time I leave. I even had to stay home from a friend’s wedding on Saturday night for fear of Animal Control confiscating the puppy in my absence.

Overall, it’s all just too much for my wonderfully active and spontaneous single-gal life, so I’m throwing in the towel…I guess there was a reason I only agreed to foster him for the weekend!

If you’re in the market for an amazing puppy (and your house isn’t attached to people who you like), you know where to find me!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m fostering a lab puppy this weekend. (More on that later, as I’m feeling rather exhausted/overwhelmed and it’s only the first full day!) This poor little dog has been walking around for weeks with one of those kennel/slip leads, which is all one piece and continually tightens around the neck–totally inadequate! Regardless of my decision about “To dog or not to dog,” I committed to at least buy the poor thing a leash and collar.

Upon arriving at PC’s Pantry last night, they proceeded to discourage me from purchasing a collar and instead insisted that I take one of their donated collars for free…talk about paying it forward! It seems that lots of folks donate old collars when their dogs outgrow them, so they have quite a few on hand. Needless to say, they could have easily taken me for a $20 collar, as I fully intended to purchase one. Instead, I made it up to them by purchasing a really nice leash and a large stash of their homemade dog treats, which have always been a big hit with the other dogs who frequent my home. Need more proof? They’ve also been voted “Best Pet Store” and “Best Locally Owned Store” by the Daily Camera.

I’ll admit that I’m biased, as PC’s is my neighborhood pet store (and I purchase all of our pet supplies from them), but Mary Lee and her staff always make me feel like the cat’s meow.

The front counter & bakery case at PCs Pantry

The front counter & bakery case at PC's Pantry

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As a proud Boulder resident, this has inevitably been the question for me for quite some time. After years of being the resident dog sitter for friends and family alike (which has been an awesome gig, mind you), I’m taking the plunge to foster an 11-week-old Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy. My company is a very dog-oriented atmosphere, so I knew it was just a matter of time, but a Lab puppy is far from the middle-aged Golden Retriever I’ve always thought was my type…

At this point, I’m only making the commitment to foster the puppy, so “returning” is still an option. However, I’m already thinking about names and researching the Labrador Retriever breed in general, so we can all imagine how things will progress from here…

If I overcome my commitment issues and head down the primrose path, pictures will certainly be posted here. For now, here’s a random shot I found online:

Dudley Lab Puppy

Dudley Lab Puppy

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