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I hate to be a hater, but who doesn’t recycle these days–especially in Boulder? I just visited Petsmart* and was told that they couldn’t recycle my receipt, because they don’t recycle paper (or anything else for that matter)!! Isn’t that illegal in this town?

Okay people, here’s an opportunity for you to take a stand in true Maven fashion. . .

Here’s their e-mail address: Petsmart Communications

And here’s an e-mail for you to send if you’re so inclined:

Dearest Petsmart,

I recently learned that your store in Boulder doesn’t recycle paper (or any other materials). What’s the reasoning behind such a decision? I can only imagine that your store disposes of thousands of cardboard boxes and a plethora of other recyclable items every week–is a landfill really the best place for these materials?

While business practices of this nature may be more cost efficient in the short term, in Boulder where there’s a high level of community-wide environmental awareness and plenty of competition in your industry, it seems like the long-term impact of such decisions will inevitably be negative.

Just a little feedback from a customer who’s willing to take the time.

All my best,

(I think you can take it from here, peeps!)

Now, what other businesses are slinking below the socially responsible radar?

*Before you call me a traitor: Petsmart carries a type of bone that Olive loves, but isn’t carried at my beloved PC’s Pantry!

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While the steady rain of late has resulted in low fire danger and a beautifully green landscape, it has also brought an unusual influx of mosquitoes. We’re talking swarms of mosquitoes, people, which are no laughing matter for those of us stereotypical Boulderites who partake in endless amounts of outdoor activities. (Since several cases of the West Nile Virus have already been reported, this is no joke for the rest of you either.) After being bombarded by the pesky pests on a recent trail run, I finally broke down and bought some toxic bug spray–the first time ever in almost 8 years of living here!

Luckily, Mary just introduced me to the Herbal Insect Repellent by Burt’s Bees. The formula is 100% natural and safe for kids, pets, and activity-obsessed adults alike. Find it at a plethora of stores around town and tell those bugs to buzz off for good. Now, if only this formula could repel certain men . . .

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As many of you have probably heard by now, three guys from Boulder went missing in the Sichuan Province of China during a recent climbing expedition. Jonny Copp, Micah Dash, and Wade Johnson, who were shooting a new piece for Sender Films, were declared missing when they failed to catch their flight from China back to the States on June 3rd.

I’m sad to report that the body of Jonny Copp was found yesterday in a bed of avalanche debris on Mt. Edgar. Copp was both a world-renowned professional climber and a strong presence in the local Boulder community. Dash and Johnson are both still missing, but many are fearing that the slide may have taken all three of them. Sending condolences and thoughts to their families and friends. . .and still hoping for some positive news.

For the most up-to-date information and to donate to the search efforts, please see the blog at AdventureFilms.org.

UPDATE 6/8: According to Stewart Green’s Climbing Blog, Wade Johnson’s body was found this morning. Very sad news. . .

Here’s a shot of the south east face of Mt. Edgar, as seen from base camp.

Photo by Roland Zeidler

Photo by Roland Zeidler

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Just Say No

. . .to the torso rub.

Torso rubbing (the act of stroking someone’s stomach area with one or both hands) is the most annoyingly common phenomenon I’ve encountered in my single gal life and it’s increasing at a drastic rate. From bars to parties to weddings, by people I know and creepy strangers, I’ve been rubbed between my belt and bra in all sorts of situations. Apparently groping is the new flirting.

Given the frequency of occurrence, I assume that I’m the anomaly and most people are turned on by having their stomachs rubbed in public. Maybe the two-handed vertical stroke is the chic new way of releasing pheromones. . .

Call me old fashioned, call me crazy, just please don’t rub my torso while doing it.

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I recently received a well-intended e-mail containing the following message:

“if you have a black Honda accord out bake you have a flat tier on the front passenger side”

Sad, but true. . .

Yet another reason to do your homework, kids.

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Mary, Charleen, and I recently had lunch at the Paradise Bakery at 1207 Pearl Street. Talk about disappointing. In addition to the lackluster service, the sandwiches were pre-made (i.e. no accommodating all those Boulder-esque diets, allergies, and beliefs) and the soup didn’t do the meal any favors.

There are tons of wonderful places to dine downtown (see my Boulder Restaurants category), but this ain’t one of them.

I wouldnt recommend getting any closer. . .

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What is the deal with the recent Corn Refiners Association TV ads? Their sneaky glass-half-full advertising approach boasts that high fructose corn syrup is “fine in moderation.”

When one hears “fine in moderation,” they may think of fast food, tanning, television, alcohol—not something that ends up in the mouths of children everywhere. Perhaps their marketing director is a former politician…

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