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I’ve visited the Bimbamboo* Asian kitchen at 1710 Pearl Street twice in the last few weeks, and have had two very fine experiences. They’re the perfect stop for a healthy and delicious lunch or afternoon snack, and the warm decor emulates sunshine on even the snowiest days.

For now, their Sweet Potato Fries and Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup reign supreme in my book.

*Please beware: their website plays music (sigh).

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Earth Hour is here again for 2009, folks, and it’s time to make this one count. In my humble opinion, the response in Boulder last year was a complete let down fairly underwhelming. This is a world event including cities all across the globe, which means that you don’t even have to be in Boulder to participate. Guess you’ll have to save those excuses for next time…

Here are more details courtesy of the Downtown Boulder website:

What: Boulder Earth Hour 2009 – Turn off all non-essential lights on Saturday, March 28, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm MST. Earth Hour is World Wildlife Fund’s global initiative to support action on climate change.  More than 405 cities in 74 countries have pledged to participate—double the number of countries from last year.  Check out the 3-minute Earth Hour YouTube video, guaranteed to give you chills (and smiles)!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjWD8pbK5t8

Who: The city of Boulder’s ClimateSmart team is playing a lead role and has facilitated the designation by the Mayor and the World Wildlife Fund of Boulder as an official supporting city—see your town on the map at http://www.earthhourus.org/map.php.  City-owned and operated buildings have committed to flipping the switch on all non-essential lights for the entire evening.  Schools and all residential and commercial buildings are encouraged to participate as well.

How to get involved: Restaurants, cafes, and bars are encouraged to offer candlelit dinners or other special events.  Residents are encouraged to create their own fun events at home with family and friends.  For planned events, see attached flyer and visit www.BoulderEarthHour.com for an updated list or to add your own.

How-to Kits for Restaurants, Businesses, Teachers and Students K-12, Colleges, Individuals, etc: http://www.earthhourus.org/toolkits.php10 Fun Ideas for Businesseshttp://www.earthhouramericas.org/content/toolkit_restaurants/Local%20biz-10%20Things.doc

Why: Earth Hour is a symbolic act with measurable impact.  If all Boulder buildings flip the switch for one hour, together we will avoid the creation of 18 tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of about one average Boulder household’s entire carbon footprint for a year.  Consider the impact if your lights were out the entire evening. Building community is another reason to throw a party for the earth.  Meet new people and pledge to be a part of climate change action in your community.  (Visit beClimateSmart.com for more information).

Taking it beyond an hour: To extend the impact of this symbolic event, Boulder residents are encouraged to install at least 3-5 CFL (compact fluorescent lightbulbs) or pledge to take one new action in their lives to reduce their energy use.  Visit www.BoulderEarthHour.com for details.

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I’m very sad to report that the Orchid Pavilion, which I’ve previously mentioned was my favorite Chinese food restaurant in town, recently closed after 20 years on Walnut Street. I never ever even liked Chinese food before encountering chef/owner Kenneth Leong’s cuisine, so I’m officially up a creek.

Paddle please…

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I’ve been seeing this website all over lately, so I’m passing it onto you. Get over to The Hero Factory and create your new alter ego!

It should be known that Super Maven’s real grocery bag would most certainly be reusable…


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I recently mentioned the new Happy Noodle House here in Boulder and I’m happy to report that they’re now open.

The quality of atmosphere is certainly reminiscent of the Big Red F Restaurant Group, but this location encourages a more casual, interactive experience by featuring seating at only community tables or the bar. We opted for the bar on this particular occasion, so I have yet to engage with the group table experience.

Of the dishes we tried, I’m amazed to say that the Fried Brussels Sprout Leaves were my favorite (along with the passion fruit vanilla ice cream, of course). While Happy Noodle may not be the best choice for picky palates, the rest of you (normal people) should consider paying them a visit.

A Plus–They’re 100% wind power (a la Big Red F).
A Minus–Not open for lunch, which is unusual considering their location and cuisine.
(Update: As of 5/26, they’re now open for lunch!)

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Volume 4: Just When You Thought It Was Over…

You read right, my friends. Just when I thought my match.com days were gone for good, they offered me 30 more days for free. Another month of online dating masochism for the sake of reader enjoyment? Yep, I’m officially taking one for the team…Anne, on the other hand, has thrown in the towel—lucky girl.

My 30 extra days just started, so the outstanding results are still to come. For now, I’ll fill you in on the amazingly awkward activities of late:

Hockey555 sent me two messages in the matter of a week. Both messages were exactly the same, with the exception of the following line: “What can I say, I love a girl who loves football!” and “What can I say, I love a girl who loves beer!” Considering that I don’t love football or beer (and that neither of these two items are mentioned anywhere on my profile), I’d like to give a shout out to Hockey555–what can I say, I love a guy who loves to read!

My most horrifying experience by far was an e-mail from Vintage Night. As if his brazenly misspelled e-mail and profile weren’t enough, he added a completely incomprehensible component to the mix. Ready? Brace yourselves—here it comes—he’s one of my coworkers! That’s right, folks. Not only is he one of my coworkers, his e-mail, pasted below for your reference, completely fails to acknowledge that we work together!

Good Morning, I don’t realy know how to go about this as it have been over a year sence I have cunsiterd dateing. I would lik to talk to you and get to know on a more personal level. A little about me, I work for a  publish in Louisville…

Thanks for clarifying where you work, because seeing each other and conversing on a daily basis wasn’t enough confirmation. Is it possible that he didn’t realize it was me? Bottom line, Anne and I decided I should not reply for fear of perpetuating an already mortifying and awkward situation. What other choice did I have?

In case you were wondering about the self-described “dynamic, outgoing, charming, engaging, and friendly individual” who I mentioned in my previous post, he was certainly all of those things and more. After repeatedly kicking my butt in Scrabble, however, the one pesky word he always had trouble with was “childless.” Guess the “Want Kids: Probably Not” statement needs to be more prominently displayed on my profile this time around.

Here’s to 30 more days of delight!

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The Boulder Weekly‘s 2009 Best of Boulder (BOB) survey was just released this week. Take five minutes to show some love to your favorite spots, while supporting Boulder’s one and only independent newspaper.

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