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About once each year, I have an unusual hankering for a cheeseburger and fries. In the past, this craving was typically met with a crappy boca burger from the back freezer of a local pub.

Enter V.G. Burgers, an entirely organic joint that is changing the idea of fast food as we know it. From burgers to sandwiches, fries to mac n’ cheese, lemonade to milkshakes, everything at V.G.’s is made-to-order from healthy, plant-based (aka vegetarian) ingredients. Top that with compostable containers and wind power and I’m officially sold.

Order up. . .


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Volume Three: “You Caught His Attention!”

After almost three months of ridiculous usernames, disturbing profile pictures, and questionable grammar, I’ve had just about all of the uncomfortable attention a girl can stand. As if the match.com messages announcing that I’ve “caught his attention” aren’t enough, I’ve also received e-mails from users like sandinmycraq, peekatmenow, and fitathlete30. Sprinkle the top of that sundae with 2,297 profile views and I’m officially feeling stalked. One guy even claimed that he recently saw me at a local coffee shop and proceeded to prove it by discussing the outfit I was wearing—thanks, match.com.

Here’s a little gem from “bpfb84” for your reading pleasure:

Well, I may live to regret this… but probably not. The doctors have told me I’m going to die in a tragic dog-walking accident next Thursday at 9:30. So basically, I’ve got nothing to lose. You like cupcakes, eh? What’s your favorite flavor?

Talk to you soon, if you’re lucky, I suppose.

Hope he made it to Friday.

In all fairness, I have met one self-described “dynamic, outgoing, charming, engaging, and friendly individual” who actually seems to walk the talk (he also logs the total number of vertical feet he skis each season, but we all have our issues). Looks like mum’s the word for now. . .

Anne and I are celebrating our big 3-month finale in early February—tune in for the epilogue.

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Only in Boulder, Colorado can you pull off a “Bike to Work” event on January 21st. That’s right friends, tomorrow is Boulder Winter Bike to Work Day 2009–rain or snow or shine. You may be amazed to know that the city of Boulder plows all 200+ miles of bike paths on each and every snow morning. (They flounder when it comes to plowing the streets, but at least they’ve mastered the paths.) The forecast calls for sun and 70 degrees(!), so you can cruise to your heart’s content.

Like the summer counterpart, tomorrow’s event will inevitably feature prizes, breakfast stations, and lots of beautiful Boulderites.

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Just Say No

. . .to the torso rub.

Torso rubbing (the act of stroking someone’s stomach area with one or both hands) is the most annoyingly common phenomenon I’ve encountered in my single gal life and it’s increasing at a drastic rate. From bars to parties to weddings, by people I know and creepy strangers, I’ve been rubbed between my belt and bra in all sorts of situations. Apparently groping is the new flirting.

Given the frequency of occurrence, I assume that I’m the anomaly and most people are turned on by having their stomachs rubbed in public. Maybe the two-handed vertical stroke is the chic new way of releasing pheromones. . .

Call me old fashioned, call me crazy, just please don’t rub my torso while doing it.

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I recently received a well-intended e-mail containing the following message:

“if you have a black Honda accord out bake you have a flat tier on the front passenger side”

Sad, but true. . .

Yet another reason to do your homework, kids.

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While I don’t visit coffee shops very often (surprised?), when I do, I typically choose The Laughing Goat at 1709 Pearl Street. Their cappuccinos are beautiful and delicious, and they have a wide selection of snacks (including several gluten-free options). Attractive yet informal, the coffeehouse packs a fairly busy event calendar, and it’s filled with many wonderfully familiar faces from the good old days of Penny Lane (including Jon–the owner).

Ready, set, cup. . .

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