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My elder adoration just got a major boost. Margaret & Helen are two venerable women who have been friends for 60 years and they’ve lived to blog about it. There’s hope for me yet…

Guaranteed to generate at least one laugh.


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Have you ever noticed what an amazing plethora of card stores we have in Boulder? I tend to send cards whenever possible, so I’m especially appreciative of our local selection!

There’s still no word like the written word, so get out there and express yourself:

Bliss — 1643 Pearl*
Cards are only the tip of the iceberg — add a little extra shopping time for purses, jewelry, baby gifts, housewares…

The Last Say — 943 Pearl*
Under new ownership and fabulous once again.

Blue Skies — 1110 Pearl
Great cards, lots of other accessories, etc.

Paper Doll — 1141 Pearl
This store’s seniority alone speaks volumes.

The Ritz — 959 Walnut*
Their entry-way card alcove packs a punch.

*If you happen to share my affection for sassy cards, make Bliss, The Last Say, and The Ritz your first stops.

Here are some samples from my favorite lines:

Uncooked Inc. Cards

Uncooked Inc. Cards

Selfish Kitty Cards

Inside greeting: And completely gloss over your shortcomings in a way that sickens me

Uncooked Inc.

Uncooked Inc.

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Children of the Corn Maze

Today I’m visiting the corn maze at Anderson Farms with two friends (yes, adult friends!).

Anderson’s (in Erie) is apparently Colorado’s oldest corn maze and, as you can see from the aerial photo below, they don’t joke around. That incredible design is created by a GPS- and satellite-equipped tractor that carves through all those 6-foot cornstalks in only one day.

If children make it out of there alive, I suppose I will too…

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What is the deal with the recent Corn Refiners Association TV ads? Their sneaky glass-half-full advertising approach boasts that high fructose corn syrup is “fine in moderation.”

When one hears “fine in moderation,” they may think of fast food, tanning, television, alcohol—not something that ends up in the mouths of children everywhere. Perhaps their marketing director is a former politician…

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You may have already heard that two chefs from Boulder will appear on Top Chef, Season 5!

Top Chef, one of Bravo TV’s most popular shows, is a cooking competition between professional chefs from all over the country who are vying for the title of “Top Chef” (oh, and $100,000).

One of the Boulder chefs is Melissa from Centro Latin Kitchen—a wonderful restaurant at 10th & Pearl. The other Boulder chef is Hosea from Jax Fish House—also great and just down the block at 928 Pearl.

Both spots are owned by the Big Red F restaurant group, which doesn’t exactly seem kosher, but what really is these days?

I wish I could recommend visiting the Top Chef Season 5 website—unfortunately it’s filled with ads that mandatorily play before and after every video clip…no fun.

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While I’ve never been a beer fan (wine & liquor need only apply), I have heard rumors of lacking homebrew supplies here in Boulder. The November closure of What’s Brewin’ HomeBrew Supplies (which closed doors after 15 years of business), left Boulder homebrewers especially high and dry. Who would have thought that a town with such a plethora of microbreweries would be short on homebrew supplies?

I’m pleased to report that I stumbled upon Hop To It! Homebrew in the Zarlengo Plaza at 2900 Valmont. It turns out that Hop To It! has been open since February (boy am I slow to the punch!), but I suppose late is still better than never…

This fermented liquid apparently tastes good...

This murky brown liquid apparently tastes good...

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Give ol’ Scarah a click…

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